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Wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Aptos, CA USA

Wines Pouring

  • Beauregard Vineyards
  • Big Basin Vineyards
  • Clos de la Tech
  • Lester Estate Wines
  • Madson Wines
  • Mount Eden Vineyards
  • Muns Vineyard
  • Neely Wine
  • Rhys Vineyards
  • Sante Arcangeli Family Wines
  • Thomas Fogarty Winery


Overlooking the renowned Silicon Valley, the Santa Cruz Mountains is a winegrowing region where high tech gives way to high altitude. Here, where the mountains and Pacific Coast converge, more than 70 wineries and 200 growers produce wines shaped by the elevation and the ocean’s cooling influence. It’s a place where soaring cliffs drop into the sea, steep mountain vineyards overlook idyllic small towns, and tradition meets innovation. Shaped by its unique terrain and a maverick mindset, the Santa Cruz Mountains is a wine region for independent spirits with a taste for the extraordinary.

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