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West Coast Blind Tasting Challenge

Friday, March 4
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

This exciting blind tasting seminar will highlight, differentiate and celebrate the diverse and wholly unique Pinot Noir regions stretching from Oregon to Santa Barbara. Guests will have the chance to blind taste up to 12 wines that epitomize the marquee AVAs along the West Coast. A panel of experts will discuss the art of tasting blind then call for guesses. As each wine is revealed, the panel will provide the telltale characteristics from the respective region. Whether you’re a budding oenophile or a wine pro, you’ll walk away a fan and a master of West Coast Pinot Noir.

Moderators: Josh Orr, MS and Clare Tooley, MW

Download the Blind Tasting Results

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World of Pinot Noir
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