Dan Fredman

Dan Fredman PR
Dan Fredman is a Dallas-based wine publicist, retail wine buyer/consultant, and itinerant electric bassist. Time spent selling wine at the Wine House (LA), Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant (Berkeley), and The Grateful Palate (Oxnard) resulted in a multi-hemispherical, all-encompassing (i.e.: old world, new world, third world) curiosity about wines of all varieties, appellations, and styles. The retail career eventually led to his immersion into the fast-paced world of wine public relations, where his work over the past 15+ years has resulted in the increased awareness among trade and consumers of clients such as Catena Zapata, In Pursuit of Balance, Powell & Son, Trombetta Family Wines, Levantine Hill, Talley Vineyards, and others. Fredman relocated to Dallas, TX, in 2018, where in addition to his ongoing work as a wine flack, he serves as a buyer and consultant to Biagio Wine & Spirits in Victory Park. The previously lifelong-Californian presently endeavors to ponder whether trading the state’s brushfires, earthquakes, and interminable traffic jams for the occasional tornado is an equitable exchange. 
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