James Hall

Patz & Hall

Founder, Winemaker

Since 1988, Founder and Winemaker James Hall has guided the Patz & Hall winemaking program, instilling it with his own boldness, imagination and trademark perfectionism. Combining a belief in great viticulture, traditional winemaking practices, and the judicious use of innovative techniques, James has earned a reputation for crafting dramatic benchmark Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs that balance vibrant power with vineyard-inspired depth and sophistication.

As Patz & Hall’s winemaker for three decades, James has built lasting relationships with such renowned growers as Larry Hyde, Charlie and Bud Chenoweth, Gary Pisoni and Lee Martinelli to create an acclaimed portfolio of single-vineyard wines. At the same time, he has designed and implemented cutting-edge equipment and procedures, including a custom punch-over device, to constantly enhance quality. James is a master of his craft, and a widely respected veteran winemaker.

James is a speaker at our Explore California Pinot Noir from North to South with Patz & Hall + Fess Parker Luncheon on Friday, March 4, from 12pm-2pm.

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