Nathan Carlson

Center of Effort

Nathan grew up in rural Minnesota in a family with a rich history of farming and craftsmanship, but wine was not a part of daily experience.  Concerned about the impact agricultural practices could have upon wetlands and wildlife habitat, he pursued studies in Marine Biology.  It was while at college that Carlson began to work in restaurants and developed an intense interest in learning about the wines of the world.

Nathan came to Center of Effort just as the new vision of the Swansons was getting underway. He first purchased Chardonnay from the vineyard as a client and was eventually invited to join as Winemaker and General Manager two years later, in 2010.  Understanding the intricate complexity of the business, he has spent the past ten years learning the vineyards intimately, identifying techniques specific to the site and assembling the right farming, equipment and people to execute the work that needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. It is important to Nathan that sustainable agriculture has been part of COE from the start, which goes back to his early life and concern about the effect that farming has on the environment.

Nathan and his partner Kristin live about 20 miles from the winery in Atascadero, and love to travel as much as possible.  They enjoy time at home with their pets, as well as hobbies that include baking sourdough bread, cooking, canning, cycling, and gardening.

Nathan is a speaker at our Toasting the SLO Coast AVA Dinner on Saturday, March 5, at 7pm.

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