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Sarah Snyder

Stolo Vineyards

Perhaps the fact that the wine industry found Sarah in 2011 was inevitable. A curious student of Anthropology at the University of Colorado at Boulder that threw tapas parties in her college apartment, it’s no wonder a career path that draws together history, culture, geology, botany and conviviality was so alluring.

Tasting room work led to successive harvest seasons in the Santa Cruz Mountains and New Zealand. Hoping to expand her language for the global range of wine, Sarah attended the International Culinary Center in 2014 and graduated at the top of her class, and with her Certified Sommelier designation from the Guild of Master Sommeliers.

Over the next six years, she honed her skills, working diverse restaurant floors, laboring with vineyard crews and in the cellar, traveling much of the winegrowing world to explore an extensive portfolio of wines. She had the opportunity to curate her own wine list and wine pairing menu at San Francisco's Michelin-starred Commonwealth Restaurant – a highlight of her career thus far.

Years spent with wines and vines have offered a deep education on unanticipated subjects; in many ways, the topic of wine has affected Sarah’s view of not just agriculture, but nature, the human experience and time, as well as our place within these planes. With an interest in low-intervention coastal wines, that are allowed to express their terroir, Sarah joined the winemaking team with Stolo Vineyards, in beautiful Cambria, in 2019.

Sarah spends her spare moments snowboarding and backpacking the Sierras, playing on the water, cooking fished and foraged foods over fire and dragging out her mornings over coffee with Ryland and her pup, Isla.

Sarah is a speaker at our Toasting the SLO Coast AVA Dinner on Saturday, March 5, at 7pm.

World of Pinot Noir
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