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Shannon Gustafson

Winemaker at Raptor Ridge

Shannon joined Raptor Ridge as Winemaker in 2017. Her journey into winemaking started at the young age of 13, when she accidentally came across Enology at a women’s career fair. She graduated early from high school to pursue a degree in Food Science/Winery Production from California State Fresno. Being too young to complete her winemaking classes, she decided to go work a harvest in France. Since graduating in 2003, her career has brought her to work with wine on three continents (France, Australia, North America), along with a 10-year stint on California’s Central Coast working for small family wineries.

Her first Willamette Valley harvest was in 2009, helping out her friend at Johan Vineyards.

Shannon enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors along with her energetic companion dog – Abby.

Shannon is a speaker for the Willamette Valley Luncheon on Saturday, March 4, from 12:00 pm - 2:00pm.

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