Clarice Wine Company

Windsor, CA USA

At Clarice Wine Company, I do things a little bit differently. After 25 years of making Pinot Noir, I have decided to take the “road less traveled.” In my vineyards, the amazing Garys’ and Rosella’s Vineyards in the Santa Lucia Highlands, I pick disparate sections of grapes together, with more and less ripe fruit balancing each other out and making a compelling wine. I don’t add yeast or malolactic bacteria to the wines, instead relying on what occurs naturally. I use a lot of stems in my Pinots, loving what they add to the aromatics and structure of the wine. And I sell most of my Clarice Pinot Noirs through a unique subscription model that is unlike anything else in the wine world. I look forward to having you stop by and taste the wines. – Adam Lee

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