Flaunt Wine Company

Windsor, CA USA

For me, Flaunt Wine Company is the realization of a long-held dream. I am making my mark on the wine world with a wine brand of my very own.

Sparkling Wine has been a love of mine since I can remember and I am thrilled to be working with some wonderful growers and beautiful vineyards. Sparkling Wines really set a joyful mood. I always welcome that into my life!

During the 23 years that I was co-owner and co-winemaker of Siduri Wines and Novy Family Winery, I developed a beautiful relationship with Pinot Noir. I have now released two vintages of Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast and Sta. Rita Hills AVAs. It feels great to back to making wine from the grape I know so well.

I have celebrated many milestones throughout my twenty five plus years of living, working and raising my children in beautiful Sonoma County. It is only fitting that now I have my very own label where I can bottle the wines that truly express who I am. It is incredibly fulfilling to be creating wines that excite me!

I am thrilled to share these wines with you. I hope they inspire you as well. The road I am on has brought me to this moment. Now is my time to celebrate. Now is my chance to Flaunt!

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