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La Crema

Windsor, CA United States


In 2016, La Crema created a new home at a historic, 200-acre site within the heart of the Russian River Valley. The premium land offers varied terrain and diverse soils that provides an ideal environment for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards.
The vines were planted in 1988 and meticulously cared for by Saralee and Richard Kunde, revered in Sonoma County for their agricultural advocacy and contribution to local organizations. Their vision and environmental values created an illustrious foundation for La Crema to continue its high standard of sustainability practices at its winery.
Now the Estate is home to forward-thinking wine growing, unparalleled culinary explorations, and world-class wine education. As sustainable technology evolves, La Crema will implement new best practices and carry on its tradition of producing the best of the vine.

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