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La Prenda Wines

SONOMA, CA United States


Family owned and operated by Ned and Erika Hill, La Prenda has managed some of the best vineyards in Sonoma Valley for almost two decades. As multi-generational Sonoma grape farmers, the La Prenda team has a deep respect for the land and community. La Prenda has worked with the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Alliance as an ambassador to showcase the positive impact of grape growers and wineries in the Sonoma Valley.

As farmers first, the La Prenda philosophy is to let the land dictate its needs and then to work with that to maximize the quality and return. Using what each site yields allows its unique voice to be heard through winemaking. After farming for a range of estate wineries in Sonoma Valley and providing grapes to top tier wineries throughout Sonoma and Napa counties, in 2013 La Prenda launched their own series of wines. Fifth Hill Wines, La Prenda Wines, Sonoma Collection, 95476 and Happy Wife all fill roles from micro lots of single vineyard wines, to AVA driven wines, to wines that highlight the Sonoma Valley Appellation as a whole.

Following the 2019 vintage, award winning winemaker, Mike Cox, joined the team to craft the wines and help the grow production. With over 25 years of experience in Sonoma Valley, primarily in the Carneros region, Mike brings a pinot-centric mindset to winemaking, crafting graceful and enduring wines.

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