Piazza Family Wines

Solvang, CA USA

Established in 2018, Piazza Family Wines is a small family owned vineyard and winery located in Ballard Canyon.

We know that great wines are not made in the cellar but in the vineyard. We intentionally aim to showcase the unique qualities of place with the wines; hand crafting them to represent the soil, climate and varietal for each vintage. With a focus on the vineyard, we follow organic farming practices. This can ensure that each harvest yields the best possible grapes for that vintage and gives a true representation of their unique Ballard Canyon or Sta. Rita Hills terroir, all while respecting the land and nourishing it for future generations. Our vineyards Piazza Bella Vista Vineyard and Mt. Carmel Vineyard are the foundation to all the wines we shepherd.

In the winery, Winemaker Gretchen Voelcker focuses on minimal intervention and allows for the grapes to speak for themselves. She listens to the clues of harvest and picks the grapes at optimal times for balance and complexity. With her winemaking style, she highlights the vineyard and truly represents its unique terrior allowing her to produce wines that hold varietally true. With careful attention to the fruit in the vineyard and tasting daily throughout fermentation, Gretchen produces high quality, fruit forward wines with bright acidity. Her hope is to highlight the grape's origin, the vintage and variety.

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