Three Sticks Wines

Sonoma, CA USA

Bill Price III began his career in wine at the Durell Vineyard in 1997. He bought the property from Ed Durell himself. It was there that his passion for farming and vineyards took shape. The Prices are farmers and landowners first and have grown their vineyard portfolio to include some of the most iconic properties of Sonoma County including Durell, Gap’s Crown and Walala Vineyards. Bill founded Three Sticks Wines in 2002, with the help of partner Prema Behan. The philosophy behind Three Sticks is specifically to produce extremely focused, small-lot wines of world class quality from the Price Family Vineyards estates throughout Sonoma County and celebrate table fellowship in sharing the wines with their fans and friends. Their wines are hand crafted by pinot noir legend, Director of Winemaking, Bob Cabral and rising star Winemaker, Ryan Prichard.

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