Youngberg Hill/ Bailey Family Wines

mcminnville, OR USA

Founded in 1989, Youngberg Hill aspires to create the very best wine from the grapes grown in each vintage. We focus our attention on growing the highest quality of grapes possible and then managing the fruit through the fermentation process. By limiting yields and restraining barrel treatment, we are able to produce fine wines that give a pure expression of our beautiful vineyard and its terroir.

Wine is a wonderful gift from nature, and its qualities vary according to the year and all of the different elements in a vine’s growing environment. The French term which describes this concept is terroir – meaning not just the soil, but also the rainfall, drainage, exposure and climate specific to a given site. The journey of a vine through its growth cycle, within its specific terroir, is an amazing thing: the vine sends its roots deep into the living earth. It struggles in search of water and nutrients, in communion with the unseen but vital world of soil microbes. Above the ground, the vineyard teems with life. A large community of grasses, herbs, and wildflowers supports a complex array of insect life, and the vine, with its verdant canopy, sends out its flowers and produces a crop of grapes. During the warm days of summer, the grapes soak up the sun and ripen. When the seasons begin to change and autumn is arriving, it is time to begin the harvest, not too soon and not too late.

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