Jenna Congdon

Martine’s Wines

Known for her whip-smart worldly wine IQ and discerning palate, Certified Sommelier Jenna Congdon is a true doyenne on California’s Central Coast wine scene. Congdon stumbled into the wine world via Talley Vineyards, where she worked in sales and distribution, followed by eight years beating the streets as a broker for importers and small domestic producers alike.

In 2015, she became the founding wine director and general manager of The Station Wine Shop & Bar, where she developed a beacon of community, education, and international wines among a sea of locally-focused wine shops. In tandem, Congdon served as Sommelier and Wine Director for Granada Hotel & Bistro. She has contributed and been featured in Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Wines & Vines, and Edible Magazine, and is currently working towards her Advanced Sommelier Certification while acting as consulting wine director for both SLO Provisions and Farmhouse Corner Market.

Her love of travel and people have recently brought her back to wholesale distribution, and she currently represents both Martine's Wines and WineWise throughout Central California.


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