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Mark Vlossak

Founder, Winemaker at St. Innocent Winery, Salem, Oregon

Mark Vlossak founded St. Innocent Winery in 1988. It was his desire to create wines respectful of Old World quality and tradition in Oregon's Willamette Valley, one of the newest and most exciting wine growing regions in the world.

Now, with more than 170 90+ rated wines, he has become one of Oregon's most lauded winemakers. He is the only Oregon Winemaker to be twice named as one of the Wine Advocate Personalities of the Year. His food-focused wines are made from six of Oregon’s most well known vineyards. These wines honor the vine and the vintage with balance and elegance. 

After 32 years, Mark embarked on a new passion. In 2018 he purchased a 47 acre property in the South Salem Hills just off of the I-5 corridor. This move was inspired by Mark’s desire to be a true vigneron: one who guides a wine’s life cycle from seed to bottle. He planted 16 acres of vines and 4 acres of bitter-sweet apples for Calvados. The new winery has an expanded Tasting Room, a full commercial kitchen, and presents daily food and wine pairings.

Mark is a featured winemaker for the Honoring 40 years in the Willamette Valley Dinner on Saturday, March 2, at 7:00pm.

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