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Reid Patterson

General Manager at Mount Eden

Reid Patterson is Jeffrey and Ellie’s son, born and raised on the mountain-top.

Growing up here, Reid says he “always felt the pressure to make Mount Eden his career” and initially resisted the idea.

After studying chemistry and dabbling with another specialty beverage, coffee, he realized that Mount Eden is genuinely home and where he needs to be—returning at the end of 2017. With Jeffrey, as a mentor for farming and winemaking, Reid has taken on the role of General Manager, learning all aspects of the wine industry. With a particular interest in viticulture, Reid embraces the unique challenges each season brings to the vineyards.

The return was meant to be, and Reid is excited to continue the family legacy with his sister Sophie.

Reid is a panelist for The New "Grand Cru" of California Seminar on Friday, March 1 from 9:30am - 11:30am.

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