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Tahlia Suggs

Wine Apprentice at Price Family Vineyards & Estates

Tahlia, hailing from Easton, PA, and with roots in New Jersey, is the co-founder of Sisterhood of Winos, a community-based platform catering to women of color in the world of wine. Her professional journey began with a focus on the hospitality industry, and she pursued Restaurant Food & Beverage Management at Johnson & Wales University in Providence. Tahlia then joined Hilton, working as a Banquet Manager at the Inn at Penn in Philadelphia.

Eager to further her expertise in the wine industry, Tahlia obtained her master's degree in hospitality management before embarking on a coast-to-coast move. She successfully completed the Inaugural Wine Apprenticeship with Silver Oak & Twomey through The Veraison Project and holds certifications at WSET Level 1 and 2.

Currently based in Sonoma, Tahlia is deeply involved in the community as a co-founder of The Cookout at the Vineyard, a food and wine celebration specifically curated for the BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). She actively participates in various wine organizations, including The Roots Fund, Women of the Vine & Spirits, Wine Unify, Hue Society, The Veraison Project, and Field Blends.

Known for her commitment to continuous learning and networking, Tahlia pursued a Marketing Apprenticeship with Three Sticks & Head High. This endeavor allows her to both expand her knowledge and contribute to the community by sharing her experiences and insights. Tahlia is a true community connector and a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the world of wine.

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