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Tristan Pitre

Wine Director at San Ysidro Ranch, Coral Casino Beach Club, and Montecito Club

Originally from Minnesota, Tristan launched his hospitality career in the vibrant Minneapolis restaurant scene. He honed his expertise in the culinary arts in Chicago, notably contributing to the success of the Two Michelin-starred Acadia Restaurant. Starting as a food runner, Tristan's unwavering dedication propelled him to the esteemed Sommelier team.

Eager for new challenges, Tristan ventured to the picturesque Santa Barbara, where he joined the acclaimed Les Marchand, an award-winning wine bar crafted by Master Sommelier Brian McClintic. Seeking further culinary adventures, he returned to his roots in Minnesota, collaborating with Chef Gavin Kaysen at Spoon and Stable. There, he played a pivotal role in the launch of Demi, assuming the dual role of General Manager and Wine Director, ultimately securing a James Beard nomination for Best New Restaurant.

Tristan's commitment to excellence and his passion for the world of wine were further underscored by his achievement of passing the Court of Master Sommeliers Advanced exam. This milestone in his career showcases his dedication to mastering the art and science of wine.

Currently based in the captivating landscapes of Santa Barbara, Tristan serves as the Wine Director at the prestigious San Ysidro Ranch, Coral Casino Beach Club, and Montecito Club. In this influential role, he curates an extensive, award-winning wine list, spearheads staff education initiatives, and designs exclusive wine experiences for the discerning members of these private clubs. Tristan's ongoing commitment to the world of wine and hospitality continues to shine through his dedication to excellence and his passion for creating memorable experiences.

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