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Appassionata Estate

Newberg, OR United States

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  • 2019 Allegro Pinot Noir
    Willamette Valley
    Inspired by the three movements of Beethoven’s ground-breaking “Appassionata” Piano Sonata, there are three Appassionata Pinot Noirs, released at different tempos. The opening tier of Appassionata Pinot Noir bears the name of the Piano Sonata’s first movement, Allegro, which is the musical pace of a brisk walk. This cuvée is a selection of barrels that show a precocious liveliness and expressivity that will drink well as a youthful wine, but is built for aging. It is bottled after 18 to 20 months in barrel, and released three years after the vintage. The 2019 Allegro is delicately textured, but dark in tone and richly flavored, with an insistent edge of black cherry fruit, and a juicy, lifted finish. It beautifully displays the beginnings of bottle maturation, and will age gracefully for many years.
    Suggested Retail Price: $95.00
  • 2017 Andante Pinot Noir
    Dundee Hills
    Inspired by the three movements of Beethoven’s ground-breaking “Appassionata” Piano Sonata, there are three Appassionata Pinot Noirs, released at different tempos. The second movement, Andante (gently, unhurried), is held longer in our cellar after bottling and released five years after the vintage. Made with the same patience and restraint, this bottling is selected to emphasize elegance and refinement, a style reflected in Beethoven’s own performance direction for this movement: “Piano e Dolce” (softly and sweetly). The 2017 Andante exhibits great aromatic and textural finesse, with delicately pretty fruit and a silky, harmonious texture. The hint of extract sweetness that emerges on the finish is exactly what we are looking for as a Pinot Noir matures.
    Suggested Retail Price: $135.00


Appassionata Estate began as a passion project for the renowned German winemaker Ernst Loosen. Erni’s lifelong love for exploring the world’s great Pinot Noirs drew him to Oregon nearly three decades ago. Over many visits, collecting wines and friends along the way, he realized that something special was going on in the Willamette Valley and began to dream of making wine here himself.
Never one to merely dream, Erni launched a small, collaborative project with J. Christopher Wines in 2005, bottling a very limited, highly selected Pinot Noir that he named Appassionata. A few vintages later, he put down roots in Oregon, purchasing 40 acres in the Chehalem Mountains, planting the Appassionata Vineyard, and building the winery. His long-term vision was to establish an enduring family wine estate, dedicated to growing and producing exquisitely expressive wines with extraordinary ageability. It has been nearly two decades in the making, but that vision is now being fully realized. For Erni, the real character and complexity of a truly great wine don’t emerge until it has developed maturity, which can only happen through time and cannot be rushed. Given time — in the barrel and in the bottle — a fine wine will clearly reveal the unique nature of its terroir, as well as the signature of its vintage. This is what we strive for at Appassionata Estate: wines that vividly express their origins, and that have the depth, structure and complexity to reward long-term cellar aging.

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