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Calistoga, CA USA

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  • 2021 Boars' View BDR Pinot Noir
    Fort Ross - Seaview, West Sonoma Coast
    Our vineyard, located off Bohan Dillon Road has more to share, entering its second decade the fruit has matured, our clones continue to express their unique characteristics and we have come to know our rows intimately – knowing which are showered with the rays of the rising sun and which bask in the late afternoon warmth. At Boars’ View, we also have more to tell and felt we needed to expand our offerings to reflect the vineyard’s continuing evolution and introduce our Boars’ View BDR Pinot Noir. WINEMAKER NOTES For this vintage, we selected specific barrels to create a dark complex Pinot Noir full of fruit, spice, and structure. In the glass, this wine exhibits a nearly opaque purple-red hue. Waves of aromas suggest red licorice, pomegranate reduction, pennyroyal mint, and lavender oil. The bold, dynamic palate suggests notes of macerated boysenberry, cedar shavings, black cherry, oolong tea, and crushed river rock. The entry of this wine starts with a fruit-forward expression and develops more structure and tertiary notes mid-palate, finishing with a pretty, floral quality. This wine is easily enjoyable now with its abundance of fruit and great natural balance and acidity. — Winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown
    Suggested Retail Price: $70
  • 2019 Boars' View Estate Pinot Noir
    Fort Ross - Seaview, Sonoma Coast
    The vineyard is primarily composed of Goldridge Loam soil that shows a yellowish, fine sandy surface and offers excellent drainage with low fertility — ideal for cultivating low yield, high-quality Pinot Noir with full body and expansive character. Now in our 12th leaf at the vineyard, our vines are in their prime, the ‘sweet spot’ of their development offering yields with considerable concentration and consistency from which we can make the most expressive, elegant wines possible. WINEMAKER NOTES Vivacious and exotic, this bold Pinot Noir expresses the best attributes of its coastal, rugged hillside vineyard location. The wine displays a brilliant purple hue in the glass. A crescendo of aromas suggests notes of clove, black licorice, cranberry skin, and mint oil. The silky palate is layered with complex notes of spice dusted bramble fruit, lavender, kirsch, star anise, and plum reduction. With a mouth-watering acid framework and exotic spice lingering through the very long finish, this vintage has all the best qualities this site provides. — Thomas Rivers Brown
    Suggested Retail Price: $125


Carol and Fred Schrader have long shared a passion for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and dreamed of starting a project that would focus on these varietals. In 2007, along with good friends David and Judy Steiner they became the proud owners of a phenomenal parcel of land two ridgelines in from the Sonoma Coast and named it Boars’ View. What started out as a remote, grassy, untamed hilltop where wild boars roam free has now become an exceptional Sonoma Coast vineyard.
Thanks to the vineyard management prowess of Ulises Valdez who matched clone to the predominantly Goldridge Loam soils, Pinot Noir was planted throughout much of the vineyard and a small section of coastal clay on the property was found perfectly suited for Chardonnay. Winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown knew these conditions would be perfect to grow California Heritage clones of remarkable character and planted the vineyard to an array of Calera, Mt. Eden and Swan heritage clones. The result has been nothing less than stunning, and we are thrilled to present wines rich in California Heritage character.

World of Pinot Noir
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