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  • 2018 CIRQ Pinot Noir
    Russian River Valley
    Aromatics: Deep pomegranate and raspberry aromas, accented with violet and hibiscus flowers, with hints of tangerine peel, vanilla bean, and a touch of cassis. Flavors: Fresh strawberry with a slight dash of cream. Crisp bing cherry, with a moderate touch of Red Delicious apple skin. Delicate tannins which ensue and elevate the flavors. Refined and nuanced with layers of oolong tea, star anise, pink peppercorn, and freshly baked gingersnap. Mouthfeel: Rich and round with a satin, velvety texture. Mouthwatering and juicy throughout with fine and delicate tannins, and a resounding finish.
    Suggested Retail Price: $150


CIRQ launched in 2009, with Michael’s passion to make delicious wines from Russian River Valley’s most exceptional sites. Inspired by his childhood circus-performing days, our winery ringmaster brings the same intense study, balance and finesse to CIRQ - superbly blending the highest quality fruit from the Valley’s prime vineyards. The result is the best Pinot Noir possible, where uncommon breeding meets unprecedented flavors for the ultimate expression of this magical region.

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