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Domaine Carneros

Napa, CA United States

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  • Domaine Carneros The Famous Gate Pinot Noir
    Through this wine, one can trace the history of Pinot Noir at Domaine Carneros. In 1992, we made our first two barrels and called it The Famous Gate in honor of the antique iron gate which stands at the entrance to Domaine Carneros, a gift from the Taittinger family. For the past thirty years, we have carefully cultivated three old-vine blocks of the historic Swan selection of Pinot Noir. Each small block is located at a different vineyard; two are in Napa, and one on the western Sonoma side of Carneros. In this wine, Swan takes center stage, with two supporting characters – “Hanzell” selection and “Dijon 115” to create the highest expression of our estate-grown Carneros terroir. 16 months barrel aged in French oak, 45% new.
    Suggested Retail Price: $95
  • Domaine Carneros Brut Rose
    Traditionally, fine rosé sparkling wines and champagnes have been made in very small quantities, and ours is no exception. The beautiful, delicate color of this wine comes from leaving part of the Pinot Noir juice in contact with the skins for three days during harvest. Rosé wines are often believed to be made from only Pinot Noir, but the best, including ours, have Chardonnay added for structure. Produced in méthode traditionnelle from our estate fruit and aged for a minimum of three years on the lees, this wine expresses great balance while emphasizing fruity and floral characteristics.
    Suggested Retail Price: $46


Domaine Carneros is a singular Napa Valley winery best known as a small grower-producer of méthode traditionelle sparkling wine, Pinot Noir, estate vineyards, and a beautiful Château.

The heart of Domaine Carneros has always been our méthode traditionelle sparkling wines, with distinctive styles ranging from the classic vintage-dated Brut cuvee to our luxury Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs. Our vintage-dated sparkling wines are aged in the bottle for at least three years, while the esteemed Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs is aged a full six years. Even three years is a rarity among sparkling wine houses, but the extra time on the lees (spent yeast cells) yields the rich complexity, seamless balance and delicious mouth-feel for which Domaine Carneros wines are known and loved.

In 1992 we added rich, complex Pinot Noir to our portfolio and our passion for exceptional sparkling and still wines continues to grow.
We furthered our investment in Pinot Noir in 2003 with the addition of a state-of-the-art still winemaking facility. We currently have 20 different clones of Pinot Noir planted throughout our six Carneros AVA vineyards comprising approximately 400 acres. Each block of Pinot Noir is grown, picked, fermented, and aged separately. We take a traditional winemaking approach; all grapes are handpicked at night when it’s cooler, processed as gently as possible, and aged in 100% French Oak barrels for 10-16 months.

All our wines proudly hail from the Carneros appellation.

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