Emeritus Vineyards

Sebastopol, CA USA

In 1999, legendary vintner Brice Cutrer Jones founded Emeritus with the goal of creating a grand cru-caliber estate capable of making the New World’s finest Pinot Noir. To achieve this goal, Brice and renowned Vineyard Manager Kirk Lokka planted two remarkable vineyards: Hallberg Ranch in the Russian River Valley, and Pinot Hill in the Sebastopol Hills. Totaling 150 acres of dry-farmed vines, these vineyards have emerged as two of California’s most revered winegrowing sites, famed for producing wines that are as unique as they are extraordinary. Today, Emeritus is run by second-generation President Mari Jones and Winemaker David Lattin, who have continued building Emeritus’s reputation to new heights.

Since our founding, Emeritus has been guided by a simple, timeless philosophy: that great wines are shaped by three factors soil, climate, and people. The distinctive soils of our vineyards allow us to dry farm our grapes, resulting in the deep root structures that shape the character of our Pinot Noirs. The cool, foggy climate provides our wines with their pure, soaring flavors and energetic personalities. Most importantly, the elegant, complexity of our wines is guided by the wisdom and passion of our dedicated team.

World of Pinot Noir
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