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  • 2019 La Follette Sun Chase Pinot Noir
    Sonoma Coast
    The wine’s color transports you to Oz and Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Stunning. This remarkable vineyard never disappoints. Intense aromas and red-fruit flavors deliver a one-two punch that intoxicate. Along with raspberry, red cherry, and rhubarb, you’ll encounter notes of graham crackers, black cherry cola, anise, menthol, saffron, and a faint whisper of cinnamon. There are no harsh edges and plenty of depth in this full-bodied, balanced Pinot Noir. It will definitely continue to reward you with time; five to seven years (2026-2028). Savor this with oven-baked (or roasted) turkey, yellowfin tuna, mushroom risotto, beef brisket on a bed of mashed potatoes, or lobster ravioli.
    Suggested Retail Price: $65
  • 2019 La Follette Heintz Vineyard Pinot Noir
    Russian River Valley
    The wine is light ruby in color which fades to a very light brick red with just a tinge of orange. The nose is a bit shy with notes of cinnamon, rosemary and cardamom on top of bing cherry, dried orange rind and red apple skin. On the palate the bing cherry and red apple skin remain along with pomegranate, white and black pepper, baking spices and the feeling of dried fall leaves. Overall, the wine is layered with non-fruit flavors which speak more of the old world than the new. Delicate and contemplative up front, but with power that comes through on the finish that begs for turkey gravy and cranberry sauce.
    Suggested Retail Price: $60
  • 2019 La Follette Black Road Pinot Noir
    Russian River Vallely
    A most alluring aubergine color is the first sense you encounter with this wine. The Dijon 115 clone gives a light perfume aroma. The fruit flavors are in the dark fruit category (less red/blue) – think blackberry, boysenberry. A hint of root beer makes you smile as you sip. Full-bodied, there’s a slight minerality that reflects the Russian River Valley terroir. This Pinot Noir is pleasantly youthful with fine-grained tannins and will continue to develop for the next 3-5 years (2024-2026). Thinking of what to pair it with besides a good book? Try minestrone soup, braised short ribs, duck (or chicken) pâté, portobello mushroom lasagna, or barbecued pork with a chimichurri sauce.
    Suggested Retail Price: $58


La Follette fully embraces the concept of terroir - that each vineyard site has a unique expression that is showcased through the wines. Grapes from each location gain the full benefit of the microclimate, clonal selection, constant eye of the vineyard manager knowing when it is best to pick each row, and so on.

The winemaker’s role is to handcraft a wine true to the vineyard, pure in its expression, and a delight to drink. With each vintage, our understanding deepens and the wines become more reflective of that place.

In producing the most distinctive, site-driven Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, La Follette partners with family-owned vineyards. We work closely together to ensure the farming is done to our viticultural directives based on decades of experience and celebrates the distinct nature of their location

World of Pinot Noir
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