Windsor, CA USA

“We believe in producing intensely flavored and yet balanced wines. Our definition of balance relates to beautiful and lush aromatics, a sensuous and saturating mid palate, and a lengthy captivating finish – a complete wine from start to finish."

Sam Lando started his career in the wine business working for some of the large global wine producers, and soon identified his true love of working with small boutique wineries…and Pinot Noir. While his emphasis was sales and marketing, he realized early on the need to understand as much as possible about differing winemaking and viticulture techniques. After working with and becoming friends with some of the best new world Pinot Noir producers, it was a natural evolution to begin hobby winemaking.

In the summer of 2012, Sam and his wife Jennifer decided to make the leap and take their winemaking hobby to the next level. They borrowed against their savings and began building the foundation to develop a small Pinot Noir focused winery. The 2019 vintage represents their eighth release of Pinot Noirs (released in 2021 & 2022). This was the third vintage to be produced in their new custom crush facility…mapping their winemaking processes with the best equipment and technology. “I feel the 2019 vintage is a great expression of our efforts in all phases of wine growing and making”, says Sam Lando. They are vibrant, fruit forward, intense, and elegant with silky textures - we hope you enjoy them!

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