Los Alamos, CA USA

Winemaker Lane Tanner was the first female Pinot Noir winemaker in Santa Barbara County. She began her career in 1981 and has been making world-class Pinot Noir ever since. "There would be no other place I'd want to make wine; point blank, none," states Tanner, who co-founded Lumen in 2012 with fellow Pinot-phile Will Henry. The duo pursues a minimalistic approach to winemaking based on old-world practices, and now produces five vineyard-designate Pinot Noirs from the region. In 2016, Will opened Pico Restaurant in Los Alamos with his wife, Kali Kopley, which was awarded Top 100 Wine Restaurant in America by Wine Enthusiast for two years running. Their wines are known for their grace, balance, and longevity.

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