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  • 2021 Rosella’s Vineyard
    Santa Lucia Highlands
    VINTAGE NOTES The 2021 vintage in the Santa Lucia Highlands was one of the finest in recent memory. The weather was mild and uneventful throughout the growing season. Picking began the first week of October and carried on at a leisurely pace, with no heat spikes or threats of rain to disrupt winemakers' plans. In classic Santa Lucia Fashion, not only did we have to wait for sugars to rise, but for acids to fall as well. The flavors and aromas resulting from this well practiced balancing act are fresh and effusive, and we are thrilled with the 2021 vintage of Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noirs. WINEMAKING NOTES A wine that has the signature Rosella’s notes of graceful tannins and racy acidity, this is a Pinot Noir that showcases the windswept northern Santa Lucia Highlands and meticulous viticulture that makes the fruit shine so brightly. The brightness of this wine is incredibly difficult to resist. With 2021 being a near picture-perfect vintage the harmony of the fruit and resulting wine was obvious as soon as the fermentations began. This was a great vintage to do as little as possible once the fruit was in the winery – the bright flavors, soft tannins and zesty acidity provided a great balance that we wanted to let shine through. With almost no fingerprints from a winemaking perspective, this wine is a testament to a great site that is always impeccably farmed and showcased through an excellent vintage.
    Suggested Retail Price: $70.00
    Russian River Valley
    VINTAGE NOTES The 2021 growing season in the Russian River Valley was marked by a relatively cool spring and mid-summer, with heat picking up towards the finish line of harvest. The lighter than average crop accelerated ripening, leading to an early and compact harvest season during the first half of September. Vintners around the Russian River Valley were rewarded for the hurried harvest season with outstanding, intense flavors, dark colors and soft tannins. WINEMAKING NOTES The Parsons’ Vineyard has two sections to it: the Original Grapes (“OG”) and a section of younger plantings. These grapes almost always ripen at different times, and that was the case again in 2021. Within the OG there are 3 different clones, two Dijon clones and Pommard 4. We chose to use whole clusters on the Pommard, while destemming the Dijon clones. We also destemmed the younger plantings. After the malolactic fermentations completed in the Spring of 2022, we tasted through all the barrels and came up with a blend that was entirely comprised of fruit from the OG. That proved to make for the most compelling 2021 Parsons’ Vineyard Pinot Noir. As is often the case, this wine is the poster child for Russian River Pinot Noir.
    Suggested Retail Price: $70.00


Siduri, named for the Babylonian goddess of wine, is the result of our founders' mutual love of pinot noir—and a dream that they could make great wines of their own.
Today, Siduri’s breadth and depth of pinot noirs are truly unique.
We specialize in cool-climate pinot noir, producing both single-vineyard and ava-level wines from growing regions spanning from California's Santa Barbara County to Oregon's Willamette valley. Why? Because we believe that great wine is made in the vineyard.

To that end, we’ve developed long-term relationships with some of the West’s most sought-after growers and vineyards. And we purchase the majority of our fruit by the acre rather than the ton.

We also believe in minimal intervention so that the winemaking forwards, rather than overshadows, what happens in the vineyard.
Our wines are unfiltered and unfined, maximizing the expression of these very diverse sites. But perhaps most importantly, we believe that wine should be a pleasure, that serious wine and serious fun aren’t mutually exclusive. So in our drive to make great pinot noir, we ultimately hope for something relatively simple—good wine to be enjoyed with good friends, good family, and good food.

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