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Wren Hop Vineyards

Windsor, CA United States

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  • 2019 Wren Hop "Field Busker" Pinot Noir
    Sonoma Coast
    This Pinot Noir arrives via the Petaluma Gap, an area known for creating natural acidity and an extended growing season. Morning fog cools temps down before the sun’s harmonious rays help push phenolic content and ripeness. Aromatically, the wine displays dried flowers and herb, while the palate unveils smoked cherry, grilled plum and fresh cinnamon bark.
    Suggested Retail Price: $84
  • 2018 Wren Hop "Fight Club" Pinot Noir
    Russian River Valley
    The battle has been won and to the victor go the spoils. In this case, perfumed braised strawberry followed by muddled black cherry and toasted spice. Hibiscus tea and orange blossom appear enthusiastically during the second wave. A true force to be reckoned with.
    Suggested Retail Price: $78
  • 2018 Wren Hop "8-tracks & VCR's"
    Santa Rita Hills
    “8-Tracks’s” juicy black fruit aromatics blast from the glass louder than your old Kenwood vintage speakers. Look for caramelized cherry aromatics with palate-coating ripe crushed raspberries, red currant and candied violet. Full-bodied “old skool” richness.
    Suggested Retail Price: $92


Wren Hop creates limited production, vineyard specific Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from cool weather sites in Sonoma County. Organic farming, detailed sorting, extended cold soaks and new french oak all play a role in our rich, complex style wines.

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