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The Brewer-Clifton + Giant Steps Tasting

Friday, March 3
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Join Wine Enthusiast’s Winemaker of the Year Greg Brewer of Brewer-Clifton and Wine & Spirit’s Top 100 Winery Giant Steps as they explore the parallels between Sta. Rita Hills in California and the Yarra Valley in southern Australia. Both wineries produce highly acclaimed, cool-climate Pinot Noir from half a globe apart. Led by Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor of Food & Wine magazine, guests will taste single-vineyard wines from the 2020 vintage from each winery – side-by-side – along with their just-released 2021 vintage of their appellation-specific wines.

Moderator: Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor of Food & Wine magazine



Giant Steps Pinot Noir

  • 2020 Primavera
  • 2020 Applejack
  • 2020 Sexton
  • 2021 Yarra Valley

Brewer-Clifton Pinot Noir

  • 2020 3D
  • 2020 Machado
  • 2020 Hapgood
  • 2021 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Location: The Santa Ynez Room

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