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Father's Day Gift Guide for the Pinot Noir Lover

Let’s face it, we have probably all led our fathers to drink from time to time. In fact, you may even be responsible for his routine glass of wine. If so, it only seems fair that you repay your outstanding dues. No matter what you put your father through, Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your Dad just how much you appreciate him. This year, give him the wine-inspired gift you know he’ll love. This one goes out to all the Pinot Noir loving Dads, Happy Father’s Day.

For the Dad Who Needs a Wine Cooler Restock…  

Lando Wines Pinot Noir

Father to Lando Wine and two kids, Sam Lando has built his life around two things, his love for his family and Pinot Noir. Give your father the gift of an intensely elegant Pinot Noir, with a sentimental family background. With over 13 years devoted to Pinot Noir production, the Lando family knows a thing or two about developing one-of-a-kind wines worthy of your one-of-a-kind dad. 

Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir

Pisoni has been called one of California’s best single vineyards and just so happens to be operated by a passionate father son team. Not only will you be gifting an awesome bottle of wine but a wine with a beautiful history of strong family relationships. Due to limited production and a focus on quality, this wine is a hot commodity. Sign up for their mailing list to acquire a bottle of Pisoni wines, and rest assured you are giving an uncommon gift. 

La Prenda Pinot Noir Rosé

If your father has a secret soft-spot for wines of the pink or sparkling variety, La Prenda has the wine for him. This farm to table, small batch winery has gained so much partnered experience that they have decided to branch out with their own collection. Give the gift of a La Prenda rosé or sparkling rosé and we bet your dad will be tickled pink.

For the Dad Who Is All About the Experience … 

Tasting Experience at Talley Vineyards

Join Talley’s winemaker Eric as he experiences his first ever Father’s day as a new dad! Visiting this family oriented vineyard is sure to inspire a day full of memories and great wine. Choose from the Seated Talley Estate Tasting where a wine educator will guide you through a flight of current releases while you enjoy vineyard views, or the Taste of Terroir Experience where you can expect an in-depth look at single-vineyard wines alongside an epic tasting menu. 

Private Tour and Tasting at ROAR Wines

Discover handcrafted, family farmed ROAR Wines with an exclusive private tour and tasting alongside father and founder Gary, his wife, and two sons. Explore the behind the scenes of the wine business with a guided tour of the winery as well as tastings from both barrel and bottle. Leave this bonding experience with new memories and perhaps a new desire to enter the wine industry with your father.

For the Dad Who Likes to Feel Exclusive… 

Wine Club Membership at El Lugar Wines

Give the gift that keeps on giving, a wine club membership will allow your dad to celebrate all year long. El Lugar will welcome your Dad into the exclusive Pinot Noir wine club with open arms. With a wine club membership he will enjoy the benefits of biannual shipments, a 15% discount on additional wine shipments and purchases, complimentary wine club release events, and invitations to private tastings and events. 

For the Dad Who Loves Wine Accessories … 

Coravin Wine Preservation System

This isn’t any old wine stop. This innovative tool uses advanced modern technology to open a bottle of wine and reseal it without losing freshness. This will allow your father to open a bottle of whatever, whenever while maintaining its original flavor for weeks. How does it work? The trademarked “timeless” systems insert a small, hollow needle into and through the cork. This, along with a lever, allows you to pour the wine without removing the cork. As the wine is removed from the bottle, it is replaced with pure argon gas to help preserve what's left in the bottle. Once removed, the natural cork reseals and the bottle is left as good as new. 

Zalto Wine Glasses 

Your dad deserves the best - upgrade your father’s wine drinking experience with luxury wine glasses that go above and beyond. With glasses designed specifically for every wine, including Pinot Noir, these glasses will not only make your wine look better but taste better as well. These state of the art glasses were developed by famous wine expert Hans Denk to excel in both form and function. Crystal, mouth-blown, and yet still dish-washer safe there’s a reason this glassware is a favorite of wine connoisseurs and professionals alike. 

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